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  We provide design, installation, adjustment and maintenance of security systems, if necessary, including:


  •    Protaction systems and fire alarm systems, equipped with

  •  Alarm control systems

  •  Annunciators

  •  Signaling equipmen


  •     CCTV and video recording, which are equipped with

  •  Different types of digital cameras

  •  Video cards, combined with computer

  •  Cameras and objectives


  •     Security systems, tracking and management of entrances, including work hours tracking system, entry and exit tracking systems, which are equipped with

  •  Videophones

  •  Blockers, valves, readers

  •  Software tools


  •    Extinguishing systems, including

  •  Gas extinguishing systems

  •  Water extinguishing systems

  •  Foam extinguishing systems

  •  Powder extinguishing systems

  •  Aerosol extinguishing systems


  The proposed systems can be remotely controlled. In our salon represented a large range of equipment for running these systems. They are implemented also a way of direct sales.